We’re really looking forward to working with you in person… but until then, we’re delighted to support your personal and professional communications via digital platforms.
Once we’re allowed out again we’ll discuss your safety requirements and fulfil them. In the meantime, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!
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Shine Online

Communicating has never been more critical than it is right now… and never more difficult than through a digital platform.  Now that we’re all ‘Zoom-unicating’, it is more important than ever to shine online.

Presentation Skills – Keeping your audience hooked

It’s not as simple as it sounds! Research suggests that online meetings fry your brain; it’s too easy for your audience to become bored or distracted. Learn the tricks of the trade for keeping them hanging on your every word. We can support your team through a one hour TopTips Zoominar, or a half-day, Interactive Workshop.

Interview Skills – Getting that job!

It’s too easy to look and sound far less impressive than you really are when you’re interviewing from home with your pyjama bottoms on! With a track record of success, we can give you the tools, through practice and practical tips, to sparkle on screen and get that job.


Media Training

...... of the UK's most experienced, bespoke media trainers, working with global brand names as well as public and voluntary sectors.

Fear of saying the wrong thing often prevents organisations from exploiting media opportunities… and from responding effectively in a crisis. As former journalists, broadcasters and PRs, we help you build your knowledge and confidence by giving you the tools to manage media encounters more productively. We’ll put you in the hot seat with realistic mock interviews, in working TV studios if you wish.

"This is not just the best media training course I have been on... It's the best training of any kind I've ever been on. I felt positively rejuvenated after the media training."
Sarah Dornford-May, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Personal Impact

Rocket-fuel for teams and individuals!

Who doesn’t want their team/s to be operating on full throttle?  Investing in your people through our tailored courses will send their performance into the stratosphere!  They will be re-energised, happier, more confident, have greater personal impact and a renewed commitment to the company.  Although bespoke, there are three levels of training:

  • Graduate and new hires: Adapting to the corporate environment – how to acquire poise, polish, professionalism and personal impact
  • New Managers: Personal impact in a bigger role – being impressive and confident
  • Middle and Senior Managers: Re-energising your personal impact and confidence
"A lot of the reason I went for this job was because of you, it has changed my life, career and confidence immeasurably, I will always be thankful. You do good things."
Stephen D

Powerful Presentations

Scary, isn't it?

But being an effective communicator will give you a powerful competitive advantage. Whether you are talking to an international conference, your own team, or whether you’re pitching for business, compelling and engaging performances give you authority, credibility and stature. Our bespoke presentation skills courses share our practical, fun and effective ‘Top Tips’ developed during career lifetimes in front of cameras and at the sharp end of corporate life.

"Working closely with our Managing Director and Senior Leaders they delivered above and beyond expectations."
Sidonie Myers, Centrica plc


Your greatest asset!

Confidence and self-belief are huge assets in all areas of life – especially at work. You’ve got the qualifications, the skills, the talent and the experience, but is something holding you back from achieving your full potential?

Possibly yourself?

We create bespoke support for groups and individuals, which help you re-assess and re-build three important areas of your life:

  • Identify and change hidden emotional habits which have become self-limiting.
  • Introduce an incredibly powerful, thought-provoking process to develop your personal brand and communications skills.
  • Develop behavioural ‘micro-weapons’ which will transform your personal effectiveness and credibility. We’ve called it “Faking it!” for years – and now Amy Cuddy, professor at Harvard Business School, agrees.
"Our candidates have been delighted with the courses we run with Merryn and Sarah and I’d have no hesitation in recommending Perris-Myatt"
Sally Richards, Senior Manager, Aviva

Communications Strategy

In many large organisations each department does it own thing without reference to the others.

The result is mixed messages to both internal and external audiences.

We work with clients to transform company communications into a strategic strength, building brand image and enhancing corporate reputation as a result.

We are sure-footed partners, who advise and deliver practical and strategic communications support from a clear-sighted, external perspective.

"We've taken a lot away from the sessions - from your excellent prepping ideas to a new found confidence. We all really enjoyed the sessions with you too!"
Jo Maugham QC, Good Law Project

Moderating Conferences and Business Meetings

Brilliantly run conferences or business meetings make all the difference to brand reputation and credibility. 

We are hugely experienced at hosting conferences large and small – we make sure they run to time, are engaging and fun… and always meet their objectives.

In conferences, speakers feel welcomed and audiences find their voice; business meetings are facilitated professionally but with warmth and authority in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

"An absolutely wonderful host at our conference - many lovely comments about your ability to manage the panel sessions with such professionalism and warmth!"
Lisa Collins, Construction and Plant Hire Association

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