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Perris-Myatt brings together the skills and (considerable!) experience of Sarah Perris and Merryn Myatt. Sarah as a former Worldwide Communications Director for Bentley Motors, and Merryn as a former BBC newsreader and journalist.

We help individuals and organisations to build their brand and to enhance their reputation by communicating more productively. We specialise in training people in the art of dealing with journalists – particularly in a crisis. All our work is bespoke, we don’t have off-the-shelf courses. Whether we are delivering crisis management, positive media relations, personal impact, presentation training or building personal confidence:

  • We tell it like it is
  • We don’t do bullshit
  • We give honest advice at reasonable cost
  • We make it fun!
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Sarah Perris

Sarah is one of the UK’s most successful corporate communications strategists with a wealth of experience in managing a variety of crises.

After working for many years in the tough automotive industry around the world she became Worldwide Communications Director for Bentley Motors, where she was a key member of the team responsible for global brand development.

An innovative and resourceful press and communications specialist, Sarah’s sympathetic blend of skills and constructive encouragement supports organisations and individuals to communicate effectively and productively.

In her personal life, her priorities are her rugby-playing twin daughters and her various volunteer roles. Sarah is: a North West Ambassador and Presenter for Women on Boards; an Ambassador for Women in the Law; Chair of The Eifion Trust; a 'telephone friend' for Age UK and a mentor for Cancer Research UK.

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Merryn Myatt

After a career at the top of journalism and broadcasting, Merryn is exceptionally well qualified to advise clients on the challenging relationship between the media and businesses or public organisations. As a TV presenter and newsreader, she knows all the tricks of the trade behind confident and compelling presentations.

Since teaming up with Sarah to form Perris-Myatt in 2005, Merryn has created and delivered bespoke training across a wide range of communications skills for clients from grass-roots to global, in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Merryn is a trainee volunteer with SHOUT 85258, a mental health texting service.

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George Eaton

George Eaton is hugely experienced cameraman and videographer who has been a member of our team for over ten years, supervising our nationwide pool of video technicians. He has worked for the BBC, England Rugby and a variety of public and commercial organisations.

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