Our Policies


  • We treat everyone with whom we come into contact, whether client, supplier, stakeholder or public, with equal respect and courtesy regardless of ability, race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation.
  • We accommodate special requirements, cultural practices and sensitivities, without fuss or show, dedicating whatever practical additional resource may be necessary. Identifying particular needs or sensitivities is built in to client briefings at the beginning, and during every project.


  • We respect clients’ budgets and will always discuss those before developing and submitting proposals for a project. We will always give best value and best advice, whatever the budget. In a quality comparison, we aim to be the most competitively priced in our field. Our clients pay for superior expertise and practical counsel, not for posh offices or fancy marketing.
  • The quality of our service is critical to us. While we will always try to find creative ways around budgetary constraints, we will not compromise by giving you second best for the sake of economy. For example, we will not increase the class size of a training session if it results in a reduction of individual attention for the participants.
  • We never charge more than we say we will. Once a project has been agreed we will supply notice of confirmation. Where it is impossible to estimate a particular cost, we will quote on a ‘not more than’ basis; this is a guarantee of highest cost. Lower actual costs will always be reflected in the final invoice.
  • While we are happy to be flexible and adaptable within a project, major changes instigated by the client after notice of confirmation may require re-costing. Particularly on large projects, expenses cannot always be determined in advance. In those cases we will advise clients of the unit cost of the expense and seek approval to spend as required. Where substantial agreed expenses will be incurred, we may request advance or early payment to avoid charging clients interest.

 Health & Safety

When working in our clients’ or suppliers’ premises (i.e. studios) we are covered by their health and safety policies and their public indemnity insurances. Perris-Myatt is covered by our own public liability and employee liability insurance.


We commit to the following policy, in the belief that it is both socially responsible and economically advantageous.

To have any value, these policies must be:

  • Relevant to and in scale with our operations
  • Practical and achievable


  • We work from home offices in the northwest of England, eliminating drive-to-work congestion.
  • We encourage clients to participate in conference calls with us to reduce the number of journeys for external meetings.

 Waste Management

  • We reduce, re-use, recycle and dispose of responsibly.
  • We always separate and recycle paper, card, plastics, metals, batteries etc.


  • Public transport is always our default choice if available.
  • We commit to maintaining our cars for efficient performance. We commit to driving responsibly. We are reducing driving speeds.
  • We do not make unnecessary journeys.
  • We always car-share and assist our associates and film crews to do so.

 Customer Satisfaction

  • We will strive at all times to exceed expectations, in the quality of our services and in our level of customer care.
  • We will always respect confidentiality before, during and after all projects.
  • We always ensure that our clients’ expectations are realistic, achievable and clearly understood by both parties, from the outset.
  • While we ultimately defer to clients’ wishes and objectives, as consultants we will offer best advice at all times, supporting and explaining our stance as necessary!
  • Sarah Perris and Merryn Myatt are the principals of Perris-Myatt and we personally deliver all client services. We do not pass clients’ accounts to office juniors. We do not seek the expertise of our associates without the full approval of our clients.
  • We are always available to clients around the clock on any day of the week, for any reason whatsoever.
  • We make every attempt to respond to voicemails, texts and e-mails as soon as we receive them.
  • While we always aim to provide a realistic schedule, we are not clock-watchers and will schedule our time to ensure that an agreed task is completed to an agreed time.
  • We aim to ensure that our clients fully understand what we may need from them in the way of support, information, material, or resources.
  • We always seek, and will act upon, client feedback during and after a project.


We’re pleased to report that our complaints policy is currently theoretical because we have never received a complaint. Our aim is to keep it that way by:

  • Constantly maintaining the foundation stone of our client satisfaction: excellent and thorough communication throughout a project. This enables both parties to correct issues before they can become a problem.
  • Prevention is better than cure. We always ensure that our clients’ expectations are realistic, achievable and clearly understood by both parties, from the outset.
  • We give honest advice at reasonable cost.
  • Where appropriate, we invite clients to sign off their satisfaction at relevant stages, before progressing to the next stage of a project.
  • If any elements of a project change for reasons beyond our control, we advise clients and discuss issues with them at the earliest opportunity, to the point of satisfaction.
  • Where clients prefer a bespoke complaints procedure, we are happy to create one in co-operation with them.
  • Before the start of a project, we and our clients may agree on an external arbitrator in the event that an irresolvable dispute arises.